Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July with family

Well, it was the 4th of July and we are still in Utah. I'm like Tiffany and I love to have parties and go places and be festive. Saturday I wanted to go to Provo to the Freedom Festival but Gordon worked in the morning and then went to the bench in Salt Lake to load up office furniture that had been donated to our St. George thrift store. Gordon is not a festive person and doesn't get all caught up in an event. So we just came back home. Monday we had been invited to go to Park City and play with the Leon Blake family. It was fairly cool and it was drizzling rain part of the time. I had so much fun being with the piles of kids and chatting with all the families. Blake and Estee came up in the afternoon. We had a GREAT BBQ. Gordon and Blake and the Blake Boys played tennis...the girls shopped a little. We all went to the Park City golf course and watch the fireworks. They were great but it was cold and rainy. We were all wrapped in blankets and had our umbrellas open. We ate kettle corn and salt water taffy and the kids had their own pile of fireworks. A fun day.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Bucket Trip

I'm trying to recover from a FABULOUS trip with Tiffany, Ryan and kids. It is always so exciting to see the grandkids and be with them on their own turf. Aidan is growing up and seems to really enjoy learning. He'll still let me hug him. Lacey is the diva. She is so cute and is always ready to do make-up and nails. She is a sensitive spirit and loves to hear stories and sing our special song. Cassidy is amazing. She is just this little short princess running around and talking in huge words like she was twelve. She knows she's adorable.
We piled all of us in the car for our road trip. It was a tight fit. But we had a car carrier on top which was essential. Our first night was in Cleveland. The drive there was just so beautiful. I was sleepy along the way but I just couldn't close my eyes or I would miss something. Wednesday morning we picked up Ryan and headed for Kirtland. We took some of the back roads and it was just gorgeous! Ryan gave Tiffany and I each to tokens. That was for stopping and getting a picture. We had to choose carefully. We were at the John Johnson Farm first then went to Kirtland to the Newel K Whitney Store and the Kirtland Temple. In the cemetary across from the temple we stood and sang "The Spirit of God". I want to talk about the spiritual side of all of these places in the next blog. We had a perfect, beautiful day. The children were so patient in listening to the missionaries as they spoke. That night we raced on to Niagara Falls. We were able to see it at night with the lights on. But the next morning we just couldn't believe it. It was definitely a bucket sight!!! The river is so powerful that it just thunders over the falls. The morning was cloudy and it made for a spectacular site when the light streamed onto the water of the falls.
We had the unique experience in Buffalo. We had scheduled to see a 1830 Book of Mormon at the Rare Book part of the Library. This book was one of the original 5,000 copies that was published in Palmyra. We were able to handle it and see that it had no verses but had chapters. I was surprised to see one place that said "Prophecies of Samuel the Lamanite". The testimony of the 3 witness was at the end. And it had a list of items and references that I haven't seen before. I'm sure it was added later. They didn't know who the book belonged to. We then drove on to Palmyra to see the Sacred Grove. It was beautiful and stood higher than any other ground around. Gordon saw a little trail from the monument and so we walked down the back and side area. I'm so glad we went that way because it was natural and so easy to visualize Joseph walking up there to talk to Moroni and see the box with the plates.
Next we went to Fayette and saw the Peter Whitmer home where the church was organized. We sang the song, "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." I loved this place because it was so peaceful. Gordon and I went to the temple that night. After the session we walked around the temple to find the open window that looks from the temple out toward the Sacred Grove.
The next day we went to the print shop where the Book of Mormon was printed and published. It was very interesting. Then we went to the Joseph Smith Farm and saw the old log house and then the newer home. Our last thing was to go to the Sacred Grove. It was very beautiful on the farm. Lots of trees with brightly colored leaves. We sang "Oh How Lovely Was the Morning". Just walking into the Sacred Grove was and experience. Here was where a watershed of history occurred. You could feel the sacredness of it. I wanted to have a revelation I supposed everyone wants to...but no revelation came. But my testimony for what happened there is strong. You want to search for the EXACT place but it's impossible to tell. What I received was the assurance that the Lord is no respecter of persons and that here in that obscure place the Lord found a faithful, seeking person and responded to his simple prayer. I have a testimony that God continues to do that. Those that seek Him He will reveal Himself to, whether it is in Aloha, or Boise,Twin Falls, Grenada, North Salt Lake, Bountiful or Louisville. I hated to leave the area, but I was glad that the last place we went was the Sacred Grove.
So we then headed back to Kentucky. We laughed and sang songs. We ate too many snacks. I told the children the story of Heidi which they loved. The memory will always be very dear.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

CAF Office moved

This week we have been busy trying to organize information and identify the actual numbers for CAF. How many volunteers went on expeditions in 2010? How much in supplies went to various project? What were the expenses of each project? How many people were impacted by the service? We are trying to apply for grants and we need all those figures. You can imagine that the information is VERY hard to identify. Most of the time it is not documented. But we are trying to get a handle on it.
Also, the day came when Dad had to move the CAF office out of the Costa Vida building to another location. Brett was sooooo generous to let us use that area for nothing. Now we have to pay $200/mth. We are in the same area but in a different building. On Thursday we moved the desk and file cabinet and other stuff he had. On Friday we brought some chairs and another file drawer from the warehouse. We hope to have things in place tomorrow. It is a nice place and I think it will work out all right.
An advisory counsel member brought a huge load of wood to the warehouse on Thursday so that we can build shelving and try to organize that place. There are lots of things in there that we have no idea what they are used for. We need a doctor to work with us for a while as we organize so we know what we can use and what needs to be trashed.
Gordon sent a load of dental chairs to Los Angles yesterday. They were very nice and were donated by a dentist in Lander, Wy. They have been bought by a dealer in LA who will pay cash and give us 4 older dental chairs to try to sell. We are sending them to TJ.
So we are SOOO excited to here that Tijuana will be getting their own temple!!!! I think it will mean so much to the saints there. I think the church there will feel like it has come of age. Maybe that will help in the work against Satan that is so prevalent in that area.
A busy week behind....a busy week ahead.
Forgot to mention...our Jewish friend, Jael Cohan returned to Israel today.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fun with grandchildren

This last weekend we zoomed up to Boise for a fun-filled time with grand kids. Melinda called and said that it was Homecoming at Centennial and that Tom would be playing. And Clint said that Andy would be running cross-country in Boise. AND Melinda said she was hosting the Homecoming Dance dinner for 12 couples and could I come and help. We were excited for the fun and went. We had a fun time with the family at the game. Tom did really well and it was fun to watch him play and interact with the team members. We wore special shirts and everything. The next day I watched Luke and Tara play soccer. We also set up the decorations for the dinner. We were busy the whole afternoon. At 4 we went to see Andy run. We saw him at the beginning then RAN over the park to see him come down the hill. Then we RAN from there back to see him finish. I was exhausted by time I got back. But we were there for him. Melinda and I cooked the dinner and set the tables. It was fun to see the couples all dressed up. Dad and Mike had gone to the exciting BSU game. We had a busy but fun time with the family. They are all involved in good things and that is fun to share.